What we’re going to build.

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to create a custom UIButton. We’re going to also make this custom class an IBDesignable so that it may be editable from within the Storyboard editor. before that, we’ll get to know about @IBDesignable and @IBInspectable

@IBDesignable provides functionality for live rendering of changes of our custom views directly in a Storyboard

@IBInspectable allows us to create attributes in code that we can assign in a storyboard

Let’s create our custom class

create a new class, called UICustomButton

// UICustomButton.swift
// ios-ui-custom-button
// Created by Lionel P. Albus on 5/8/21. …

In real work, many times we wanna use a constant variable or set config in specific tasks for sharing variables in the whole project. Let’s see how can we set it.

Configuration reference

Create a java class

In the example, we create the class name Config to keep the init config of our project. We can create a java class with the following content:

package th.co.singh.config;

import io.quarkus.arc.config.ConfigProperties;
import io.quarkus.runtime.annotations.ConfigItem;

@ConfigProperties(prefix = "config") // set prefix name here
public class Config {
name = "server-address", // set item name here
defaultValue = "" …

In this tutorial we’ll discuss how to download and upload files from a remote server using SFTP in Quarkus.

we’ll use two different libraries: JSch and Quarkus JSch.

  1. Using JSch

First, let’s see how to download and upload files from a remote server using the JSch library.

1.1 Maven Configuration

We’ll need to add the jsch dependency to our pom.xml. The latest version of jsch can be found on Maven Central.


1.2 Add — initialize-at-run-time to application.properties

When using JSch library we’ll need to add a class com.jcraft.jsch to initialize at run time. If we’ll…

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